Generic application and system error XML messages

In HCL Commerce, generic application and system errors can occur. XML messages are generated if a command, invoked by an inbound message through IBM MQ, encounters a generic application or a generic system exception.

A generic application error message is sent to the outbound queue if the error is related to the user. When a user enters an invalid parameter in an XML message, an ECApplicationException is thrown. The message is then sent to the outbound queue and the exception is documented in a log file.

Note: When an exception of this type is thrown, the Web controller will not retry the command, even if it is specified as a command that could be retried.

A generic system error message is sent to the outbound queue if a runtime exception or an HCL Commerce configuration error is detected, such as null-pointer exceptions and transaction rollback exceptions.

The contents of generic XML messages vary depending on the contents of inbound XML messages however, the format is similar to the following:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<WCS_Error type="GenericApplicationError"> (or <WCS_Error type="GenericSystemError">)
...(Error parameters and data of inbound XML message)
<excMsg>(Error message key, e.g. _ERR_REMOTE_EXCEPTION)</excMsg>