MsgStoreIncrementRetries URL

This URL increments the retries count in the MSGSTORE database table for all the messages identified by the msg_id and transport_id parameters. The msg_id attribute value can be comma delimited identifying multiple values.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your HCL Commerce Server and the configuration path.

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Parameter values

Required: The message ID. If there are more than one, each message ID is delimited by a comma.
Required: The transport ID identifying the transport of the message, such as e-mail.



This command increments the retries count by 1, of messages with msg_id=10001, and transport_id=1 in the MSGSTORE database table.


Increments the "RETRIES" count of the messages in the MSGSTORE table.

Exception conditions

This command throws an exception when the specified msg_id and transport_id cannot locate any messages or an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) error occurs.