DeleteMsgFromStorage URL

This URL deletes sent or unsent messages from the database.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your HCL Commerce Server and the configuration path.

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Parameter values

Required: The message ID. The message ID refers to the message ID in the MSGSTORE table, or message archive ID in the MSGARCHIVE table. If there is more than one message ID, each message ID is delimited by a comma.
Required: The transport ID identifying the transport of the message, such as e-mail.
Required: The database table. A value of 0 indicates the MSGARCHIVE table, a value of 1, the MSGSTORE table.

Example 1


This line will delete all messages with msgarchive_id=10001, and transport_id=1 in the MSGARCHIVE database table.

Example 2


This line will delete all messages with msg_id=10001 and 10004, and transport_id=1, in the MSGSTORE database table.


Deletes messages from the MSGARCHIVE or MSGSTORE database tables.

Exception conditions

This command throws an exception when the specified msg_id and transport_id cannot locate any messages or an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) error occurs.