Data Extract utility best practices

Review the following best practices for configuring and running the Data Extract utility to help you extract data from your HCL Commerce database more effectively.

Configuring the Data Extract utilityIf sample configuration files are provided for the object type that you want to extract, copy and then edit the sample files. By using sample files as a base, you can quickly configure the utility to extract the data that you need to extract. If sample files are not available for the data that you want to extract, use the sample files as a model to help you create your own custom configuration files.
Note: The configured settings for the provided sample files are for a HCL Commerce Developer environment that uses an Apache Derby database. If your environment settings are different, you must change the configured values in these files to match your environment settings.

Running the utility in different environmentsThe Data Extract utility, which uses the Data Load utility framework, can be run in any environment. Run the utility in the environment that has all of the information that you need to extract for an object. For example, the staging environment might not have inventory or pricing information for a catalog entry. In this case, run the utility on the production environment.