Data Load utility best practices for Inventory

The following best practices are recommended when you use the Data Load utility to load inventory data.

ATP inventory

Loading RA and RADETAIL dataThere are two options to initially load your RA and RADETAIL data:
  • Load the RA and RADETAIL data together in a single CSV file.
  • Load the RA and RADETAIL data separately. After you load your RA data, you then load your RADETAIL data.
The first option might cause your RA data to be loaded multiple times, slowing down performance. Here are some guidelines to assist you in making a choice:
  • If the data to be loaded is large, and there are many RADETAIL records under a RA record, it is better to use the second option. Using the second option avoids loading the RA data multiple times.
  • Otherwise, use the first option for better manageability.

Load your data to one store at a timeIf you want to load inventory data for multiple stores, it is better to load it per store.

Fulfillment center unique IDIf you know the fulfillment center unique ID, use it instead of the fulfillment center name. Performance is improved when the fulfillment center unique ID is used instead.

RA and receipt data creation timeIt is recommended to specify the creation time in your input file during the initial load of your RA data and receipt data. If you do not specify the creation time, the current system time is used.

Adoption of the FulfillmentPropertiesMediatorThe FulfillmentPropertiesMediator is designed to populate an ATP inventory that is related to the configuration data separately (without the catalog entry data). So, it is recommended to use this mediator if you want to update only inventory-related configuration.

RA.CREATETIME/RECEIPT.CREATETIME/RADETAIL.EXPECTEDDATEWhen you update the RA.CREATETIME, RECEIPT.CREATETIME, or RADETAIL.EXPECTEDDATE data, delete the record in the target first and then insert a new record with the wanted date. For example, to update RA.CREATETIME, two records of data are needed in the input file.
Example: Updating RA.CREATETIME
VendorName CreateTime OrderDate ClosedDate OpenIndicator ExternalId LastUpdate Delete
J and J Company 2008-05-15 00:00:00.0 2008-04-15 00:00:00.0 2008-12-24 00:00:00.0 False ATP-1301 Record 1 2009-01-12 00:00:00 1
J and J Company 2008-06-16 00:00:00.0 2008-04-15 00:00:00.0 2008-12-24 00:00:00.0 False ATP-1301 Record 1 2009-01-12 00:00:00 0