Creating a staging environment

You can create a staging environment for testing changes to your HCL Commerce site before the changes are moved to a production environment.To help business users test changes and manage a site, you are recommended to create an authoring environment. An authoring environment is a staging environment that has workspaces enabled. On an authoring environment, business users can manage business objects for a site within independent workspaces to test potential changes. Administrators and business users can also use workspaces to test emergency fixes for a site before they apply a fix to the production environment.

About this task

Run the staging environment on a separate system or system partition from your production environment.


  1. Follow the deployment guide to create an HCL Commerce environment for staging purposes.
  2. Prepare the staging environment to connect to the production database:
    1. Install a database client suitable for communication with your production database.
    2. Catalog the remote production database so that is accessible from your staging environment.
  3. Enable custom tables for staging
  4. Configure your database for staging.