Avoid extra Ajax call from V9 Remote store

A number of remote stores make an Ajax call to register marketing events. This call, AjaxRESTMarketingTriggerProcessServiceEvaluate, can be sent from store pages, including category navigation pages, product or item display pages, or search result pages. You can disable this call if you have no need for it.

To disable the AjaxRESTMarketingTriggerProcessServiceEvaluate call for your remote stores, issue the following SQL command.
insert into storeconf values ($storeId ,'wc.store.unregisterMarketingEvent','1',0);
If wc.store.unregisterMarketingEvent=1, then remote store pages will not register marketing events with the Transaction server. It follows that any marketing features that rely on these events will not work. For example, the display of recently viewed products will not occur if it is triggered by this Ajax call.
  • The insert command addresses one store, by means of its $storeId. You will need to run the command separately for each remote store whose Ajax call you want to disable.
  • The parameter wc.store.unregisterMarketingEvent is case sensitive.