Web activities performance

For Web activities, HCL Commerce attempts to store the information that is required for your activities in memory or in a cache. This information is then used to determine what to display in e-Marketing Spots. This marketing design reduces the complexity and invalidation that is required when JSP caching an e-Marketing Spot.

You might consider caching the entire e-Marketing Spot JSP if:
  • Your site has a large number, over 20,000, of e-Marketing Spots in a store.
  • Your site displays only static content in e-Marketing Spots; the same content displays to all shoppers.
  • The e-Marketing Spot content does not change frequently; the same content displays for multiple days.
Your site might use personalized rules in e-Marketing Spots, for example, the activity contains a target, branch, or experiment element. If so, you cannot cache the e-Marketing Spot JSP. Before you cache e-Marketing Spot JSPs, ensure that the DynaCache Marketing Command Cache is set up.