Marketing statistics considerations

Operational marketing statistics are gathered and stored in the database by the RaiseECEvent scheduled job that is run by the Scheduler at a set interval. You can modify its scheduling parameters to decrease or increase its run timing and constraints. This allows you the ability to finely control its throughput and its associated impact on site performance.By default, this job runs every 5 minutes.
  • The maxSeconds scheduled job parameter defines the length of time, in seconds, that the scheduled job should run for before being terminated. This parameter is set in the URL for the associated job.

  • The SCCINTERVAL column value within the SCHCONFIG table defines the length of time, in seconds, before the job is restarted.

    To change the time interval for the job, run the following SQL statement to extend the SCCINTERVAL to 30 minutes:

        SET SCCINTERVAL = 1800 
        WHERE SCCPATHINFO = 'RaiseECEvent'
    Note: If you are using Management Center for marketing, the time interval value is also configured in the wc-admin-component.xml file for the marketing component. You must update the interval value in that file to match the interval value you specified in the SQL statement. In the wc-admin-component.xml file, look for the following property:
    <_config:property name="orderSubmitProcessingFrequency" value="1800"/>
    For instructions on updating the wc-admin-component.xml file, see Changing properties in the marketing component configuration file.

By choosing a combination of the two parameters, you can control the parallel execution of this job and increase the throughput of the marketing statistic processing. For example, with the RaiseECEvent job, if maxSeconds is more than SCCINTERVAL, then more than one instance of RaiseECEvent can run in parallel.

For example, by setting maxSeconds to 600 and SCCINTERVAL to 10, you can have, at most, 60 threads of the RaiseECEvent job running at the same time.