Globalized catalog content

The WebSphere Commerce catalog subsystem is designed to facilitate the creation and processing of globalized catalogs. All catalog descriptive tables are qualified by a language format column known as language_id qualifies all catalog descriptive tables. At run time, the command context is sent through a data bean to determine which translation to retrieve from the database and display on the page

The globalized catalog design in WebSphere Commerce provides the following features:

Product descriptions and attributes can be culturally specific
The merchant has the ability to create a catalog that allows product descriptions and attributes to be culturally specific. This master catalog contains all the products that the merchant offers in all the language formats that the merchant supports. Not all products need to be available in all the supported language formats and all types of formatting.
Multiple descriptions or attributes for the same product and language
The ability to provide multiple descriptions or attributes for the same product in the same language. This allows stores that share products to offer different descriptions for the same product in the same language.
Locale specific information
Depending on the locales that the store supports, different features of the same products may need to be highlighted in different locales. Images may change with locales. Prices may vary and can be expressed in different currencies.

For more information, refer to the WebSphere Commerce catalog subsystem.