Catalog entries

Catalog entries represent merchandise in an online catalog that often includes a name or part number, a description, one or more offer prices, images, and other details. A catalog entry can be a product, item, package, bundle, or dynamic kit.

Catalog entries can be a single item (atomic) or composed of several other catalog entries (composite). When atomic, a catalog entry is an individually orderable entity that needs no further SKU resolution. When composite, a catalog entry represents unresolved products, packages, or bundles that may need additional information before becoming atomic entities.

Certain catalog entries may need further processing before being added to an order. An example is resolving a product into an item through SKU resolution, performed by the ResolveSkuCmd task command.

If necessary, you can create new CatalogEntry type objects that do not fit into one of the existing Product, Item, Package, Bundle, or DynamicKit models.