Resetting a Site Administrator's account

If a WebSphere Commerce account gets locked or disabled for some reason, an administrator can unlock or enable the account.


  1. Connect to your WebSphere Commerce database.
  2. Run the following SQL statements:

    where logonId is the user ID of the account that you want to reset (for example, wcsadmin).

    For IBM i OS operating systemNote: To enter SQL statements, you can use either the DB2/400 Query Manager and the SQL development kit, or you can use System i Navigator. To use System i Navigator to perform database queries:
    1. Start System i Navigator from the PC where it is installed.
    2. Expand the iSeries system. Expand Databases, right-click the Relational Database, and select Run SQL Scripts. The Run SQL Scripts window opens.
    3. From the Connection menu, select JDBC Setup. Click the Server tab.
    4. In the Default libraries field, erase any existing values and enter the name of the database schema of your instance. By default the schema name is the name of the instance. Click OK to save your changes.
    5. Type the preceding SQL statement in the window.
  3. Disconnect from the database.