Changing the SSL key file password

If you are using IBM HTTP Server, follow these steps to change your SSL key file password.


  1. LinuxAIX Go to the HTTPServer_installdir/bin directory and enter ./ikeyman
  2. Windows Click Start Menu > Programs > IBM HTTP Server > Start Key Management Utility.
  3. From the Key Database File menu, select Open.
  4. Switch to the ssl subdirectory under the IBM HTTP Server installation path on your machine. Your key file (which has the file extension .kdb) should be in this folder. If not, create a new key file by following the instructions provided in the IBM HTTP Server documentation.
  5. From the Key Database File menu, select Change Password. The Change Password window appears.
  6. Enter your new password, and enable Stash the password to a file.
  7. Click OK. Your password has been changed.


You have now successfully changed your SSL key file administration password.