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Uninstalling IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce

There are three ways to uninstall the IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce.


Select the appropriate method:
From the Start menu
  1. Select Start > Programs > IBM WebSphere > Commerce Server v7.0 > Uninstall IBM Sales Center.
  2. Continue with the uninstall.
From Add/Remove programs
  1. Start > Settings >Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click Change or Remove Programs.
  4. Select IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0.
  5. Change/Remove.
  6. Remove.
  7. Complete the uninstallation wizard by following the prompts.
By running the uninstall program
  1. Start a command prompt session
  2. Issue the following command: