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This class provides RESTful services to retrieve category data for search-based catalog navigation. It delegates to the CatalogNavigationView noun to perform the operations.

Method Name HTTP Method URL Query Params Description Authentication Example
findCategoryByUniqueId GET store/{storeId}/categoryview/byId/{categoryId} responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets category details based on its unique ID. No,HTTP Sample
findCategoryByIdentifier GET store/{storeId}/categoryview/{categoryIdentifier} responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets category details based on its identifier. No,HTTP Sample
findTopCategories GET store/{storeId}/categoryview/@top responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets all the top level categories. No,HTTP Sample
findSubCategories GET store/{storeId}/categoryview/byParentCategory/{parentCategoryId} pageNumber={pageNumber}&pageSize={pageSize}&responseFormat={responseFormat} Gets child categories based on the parent category unique ID. No,HTTP Sample