JSP object snippet: CatalogEntryThumbnailDisplay.jspf

This object snippet displays a catalog entry. By default all aspects of the catalogEntry are shown. Users may specify display parameters to limit what is shown (see optional parameters).

Parameters required:

  • catEntry: This is the catalog entry that will be displayed. It should be a populated CatalogEntryDataBean
Note: CatalogEntryThumbnailDisplay.jspf contains absolute paths because it is referenced inside another JSP file, that is used as an email template. In order for the email content to be displayed properly, an absolute path to the images is required. If you are using this JSP file as part of your store front and not in your email templates, you can change it to use relative paths. Note that if you do not make the change to the relative path, there will be cases where you will see browsers SSL warnings saying that "your page is showing both secure and non-secure items do you want to display them?".

Optional display parameters:

  • hideThumbNailImage: If set to true, will stop the image/link from being shown
  • hideNameLink: If set to true, will stop the name/link
  • hideDefiningAttributes: If set to true, will stop defining attributes from being displayed
  • hideSKU: If set to true, will stop SKU (partnumber) from being displayed
  • hideDiscounts: If set to true, will stop discounts from being displayed
  • useClickInfoURL If set to true, will use the variable 'ClickInfoURL' for the thumbnail image and name link.
  • ClickInfoURL If 'useClickInfoURL' is set to true, this will be used as the link for the image and name links.