JSP object snippet: AddressEntryFormDisplay.jspf

This object snippet displays a set of address entry fields when included on a page, and the appropriate required parameters are set up.

Required parameters:

  • paramSource: An address databean or any other object implementing java.util.Map that the address databean fields could be retrieved from. For example, 'paramSource.firstName' will be evaluated. If paramSource is set to be a map with an entry with a key of 'firstName' or an AddressDataBean with the method getFirstName, the first name field will be prepopulated. This method of prepopulation is useful because you might want to prepopulate the fields with information from the request (for example, in an error situation) or with an existing address (when updating an address).

Optional parameters:

  • locale: The locale of the address entry fields you want to display. Note that in the starter stores this variable is declared for you. If locale is not provided a default display format is used.
  • inputPrefix: A string that will be prepended to all of the input names. This is used on the QuickCheckoutProfileForm -- 2 address entry fields are shown and when the form is submitted they are differentiated this way.

Note: Because this snippet contains entry fields, we use the store style sheet entries in this object snippet.