Feature Pack 7 or later

subscribeWidgetdef input file

After you register a widget or container, use a subscribeWidgetdef input file to subscribe one or more stores to the widget or container. A store must subscribe to specific widgets and containers so that these objects can be used in the Commerce Composer tool for that store.

For samples that demonstrate how to use this input file in different load scenarios, see:
Feature Pack 8
You can extract widget subscription data with the Data Extract utility to create a subscribewidgetdef.csv file that you can load with the Data Load utility. For example, if you want to copy or move widgets between stores or instances, such as for creating one or more test environments.
Note: You must apply the interim fixes for APAR JR53438.fep and APAR JR53438.fp to add support to the Data Extract utility for extracting Commerce Composer data.
The sample configuration files that are provided for you to use with the Data Extract utility, extract widget subscription data from the following database tables:For more information about extracting Commerce Composer data, see:


(Integer) The internal reference number to identify the relationship between this widget or container and the store, for example, 30001. The UniqueID is automatically generated when you subscribe a widget to a store. In Delete mode, either this field or the WidgetDefIdentifier field (see next column) is required.
Note: The sample CSV file does not include this column; the sample demonstrates the use of the WidgetDefIdentifier to uniquely identify the widget or container.
Maps to:
(String) The external reference name for the widget or container definition, for example, ContentRecommendation. This name is defined in the registerWidgetdef input file. In Delete mode, either this field or the UniqueID field (see previous column) is required.


(CLOB) The XML definition for the widget.
Important: Use this column only to override the site-level XML definition of the widget for this store. The site-level XML definition is defined in the registerWidgetdef input file. Leave this column empty if you do not want to override the site-level XML definition.


(Integer) The state of the subscription. Valid values are:
  • 0 (inactive)
  • 1 (active)


(String) A flag that indicates whether to delete the widget or container subscription. Specify 1 to delete the row.