WebSphere Commerce Developer

Building OpenLaszlo applications

After changing, adding, or removing OpenLaszlo files, you need to rebuild the project. The build process can be started through menu items in WebSphere Commerce Developer.

Before you begin

  1. Editing OpenLaszlo files
  2. Review the information in Changing key mapping for OpenLaszlo actions.

About this task

The manual build process tracks which files need to be compiled. When a OpenLaszlo file changes in an OpenLaszlo Web project, it is marked with the [rebuild] label.

The [rebuild] label remains until the project is built successfully. If the build process fails or logs any OpenLaszlo errors, the [rebuild] label remains on the project.


  1. Start WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  2. Before starting the build process review the OpenLaszlo settings:
    1. Open the Enterprise Explorer view. Right-click on the OpenLaszlo Web project to configure and select Properties.
    2. In the "Properties for project name" dialog, click OpenLaszlo Settings.
    3. Review each tab and alter any settings if necessary:
      OpenLaszlo Setting Description
      Compiler Settings Use this setting to enable or disable the debug console. The console assists with problems during the build process and provides a debug backtrace when this setting is enabled.
      File Settings Use this setting to add, remove, enable, or disable OpenLaszlo files from the build process.
      Warning FilterSpecify any warning messages that should be ignored during the build process.
      If changes are made to any of the settings, click Apply to save the changes.
  3. Optional: To disable the [rebuild] label, complete the following tasks:
    1. In the workspace, click Window > Preferences.
    2. Expand Workbench and click Label Decorations.
    3. Clear the OpenLaszlo Build Label check box and click Apply.
  4. Build the OpenLaszlo Web project in one of the following ways:
    • Open the Enterprise Explorer view. Right-click LOBTools and click Build OpenLaszlo Project
    • Click Project > Build OpenLaszlo Project
      Note: The Project menu option is only available when the OpenLaszlo editor is active.