WebSphere Commerce Developer

Enabling Help in a development environment

To access various help resources while you are using WebSphere Commerce tools in a development environment, you must set Rational Application Developer (RAD) to use server port 8001.

The help resources, such as Getting Started, Help Topics, and Context Help, use the WebSphere Commerce Information Center help server. The Information Center help server uses port 8001 but by default, RAD launches with a random port. The RAD server port must match the Information Center help server port for the help resources to work.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the test server is stopped.
  • Exit Rational Application Developer.


  1. Open the RAD_installdir\eclipse.ini configuration file.
  2. Append the following code to set the server port to 8001:
  3. Start Rational Application Developer.
  4. Start the test server.
  5. Launch the help server by selecting Help > Help Contents.


You can now access the various help resources in the WebSphere Commerce tools, for example Getting Started, Help Topics, and Context Help in the Management Center.