WebSphere Commerce Developer

WebSphere Commerce development environment changes from Version 6 to Version 7

The WebSphere Commerce development environment contains several enhancements from Version 6 to Version 7. These guidelines can help you work with your customized code when you use WebSphere Commerce Developer in Version 7.

  • Deprecated featureThe Rational Application Developer software stack was upgraded to Version 7.5. For more information, see Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software, Version 7.5 releases: new featuresand enhancements .
  • Feature Pack 6 or laterWebSphere Commerce Version or laterWebSphere Commerce now supports Rational Application Developer Version iFix 1, or a higher Version 8.0 fix pack.
  • The Dynamic Web Projects project no longer exists as a container for your projects. All projects are now in the root directory of WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  • Several menus changed from Version 6 to Version 7. For example, New > Other > Simple > File is simplified to New > File.
  • The consumer direct sample store is no longer published by default with WebSphere Commerce. You must publish the consumer direct sample store to work with your customized code and complete several tutorials.
  • The WC_eardir directory in WebSphere Commerce Version 7 now contains xml and properties directories. In WebSphere Commerce Version 6, the directories were in the WCDE_installdir/xml and WCDE_installdir/properties directories.
  • WebSphere Commerce Version 7 supports Apache Derby instead of Cloudscape. If you are using IBM Cloudscape, upgrade to the recent release of Apache Derby.
  • When you work with OpenLaszlo .lzx files, the property value of an element cannot contain a blank space. If a blank space is present, an invalid JavaScript identifier warning is displayed and causes the view display to fail. For example, in RecipeInstructionsPropertiesView.lzx, the Instruction Properties name value changes to InstructionProperties.
  • The pattern that was based on the design pattern toolkit (DPTK) was upgraded to use Java Emitter Templates (JET). It is part of Rational Application Developer 7.5 instead of an external add-on.
  • The Catalog service was updated. The catalog service XPaths are changed to be successful in the tutorials.
  • The Madisons starter store supports more colors by default in WebSphere Commerce Version 7. The customization code assets in WebSphere Commerce Version 6 for Feature Pack 5 must be updated to reflect the new number of default colors.