Feature Pack 8: The Madisons store is deprecated. Most features demonstrated in the Madisons store are available in the Aurora store.

Mobile store locator

The mobile store locator feature is used by customers to locate a nearby store, where a list of nearby stores is given based on the inputted location. The resulting store list can be customized to display a set number of stores. Customers can select multiple store locations When checking the availability of a product, however, the store locator must be used before the availability of a product can be checked.

Elements of the mobile store locator page

Mobile store locator screen capture

JSP files
  • StoreLocator.jsp represents the entire page.
  • CachedHeaderDisplay.jsp displays the store's header.
  • CachedFooterDisplay.jsp displays the store's footer.
JSP file fragments
  • BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jspf displays the breadcrumb trail.
  • GPSSupport.jspf represents the extension point for GPS support.
Links and buttons
  • When Home is clicked in the breadcrumb trail, mobileHome is called.
  • When Go is clicked, StoreLocatorResults is called.