Feature Pack 8: The Madisons store is deprecated. Most features demonstrated in the Madisons store are available in the Aurora store.

Mobile My Account: Order details

The mobile order details page displays all the information related to a previously placed order. The information is broken down into four sections: Order details, items, shipping information, and billing information. The order details section contains the order number and date. The items section contains the product name, price, quantity, and totals. The shipping information section contains the shipping address, method, and status. The billing information section contains the billing address and method.

Elements of the mobile My Account: Order details page

Mobile My Account: Order details screen capture

JSP files
  • OrderDetails.jsp represents the entire page.
  • CachedHeaderDisplay.jsp displays the store's header.
  • CachedFooterDisplay.jsp displays the store's footer.
JSP file fragments
  • BreadCrumbTrailDisplay.jspf displays the breadcrumb trail.

Links and buttons

  • When Home is clicked in the breadcrumb trail, mobileHome is called.
  • When My Account is clicked in the breadcrumb trail, MyAccountDisplay is called.
  • When Orders is clicked in the breadcrumb trail, OrderHistory is called.
  • When Return to Orders List is clicked, OrderHistory is called.