The home page helps customers navigate the store by displaying a list of available departments to browse, each containing products. The scrollable e-Marketing Spot contains highly visible products, as they are directly featured on the home page of the store. Products are displayed with their picture, name, and price, and the customer can add the products to their shopping cart without leaving the home page. Additional features of the home page include quick info pop ups, serving as hover help for each product, and the ability to add products to the wish list.

Elements of the Home page

Home screen capture
Full size screen capture

JSP files

  • TopCategoriesDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
  • CachedTopCategoriesDisplay.jsp represents the area containing all five e-Marketing Spots combined.

e-Marketing Spots

  • 1 HomePageRow1Ads is the first e-Marketing Spot.
  • 2 HomePageRow2Ads is the second e-Marketing Spot.
  • 3 HomePageRow3Ads is the third e-Marketing Spot.
  • 4 HomePageRow4Ads is the fourth e-Marketing Spot.
  • 5 HomePageFeaturedProducts is the Scrollable e-Marketing Spot.

Store functions

  • AJAX shopping cart can be enabled or disabled.