Feature Pack 8: The Madisons store is deprecated. Most features demonstrated in the Madisons store are available in the Aurora store.

Product Details

The product details page is the main page where customers view single products.

Products are displayed with their picture, name, description, and price. The product picture is much larger on the product details page than it is on other store pages, enabling the customer to observe the product picture in more detail. The customer can add the product to the shopping cart, compare zone, and wish list without leaving the product details page.
The availability of a product can be checked on the Product Details page once the customer's store list has been created. The possible stock statuses include:
  • In Stock
  • Out of Stock
  • Backordered
Additional information about the store and availability of the item is displayed when a store link is clicked. The additional information includes the number of items available when in stock, and the availability date, if available, when an item is on backorder.

Elements of the Product Details page

Product Details screen capture
Full size screen capture

JSP files

  • ProductDisplay.jsp represents the entire page.
    • CachedProductOnlyDisplay.jsp, which represents the area containing the product image, description, price, and options in the screen capture.
      • 2 CatalogEntryPriceDisplay.jspf displays the product's price.
      • 3 CachedProductOnlyImageExt.jspf is an extension located below the product image.
      • 9 CachedProductOnlyTabsExt.jspf is an extension enabling additional tabs.
        • CachedProductOnlyTabPanesExt.jspf, which populates the tabs with content.
      • 10 CachedProductOnlyButtonExt.jspf is an extension enabling additional buttons.
      • 7 CatalogEntryInventoryStatusExt.jspf contains the online and in-store inventory availability status of the item.
      • 8 MerchandisingAssociationsDisplay.jsp displays merchandising information.
Note: The preceding JSP files are based on products of type ProductBean. They reflect this by containing the word Product within their file names. If a catalog entry is of type ItemBean, BundleBean, or PackageBean, then the file name reflects the catalog entry type. For example, if a catalog entry is of type ItemBean, CachedItemOnlyDisplay.jsp represents the area containing the item (SKU) image, description, price, and options.

e-Marketing Spots

  • There are no e-Marketing Spots on the Product Details page.

Store functions

  • 1 Product drag-and-drop can be enabled or disabled.
  • 4 AJAX shopping cart can be enabled or disabled.
  • 5 Product comparison can be enabled or disabled.
  • 6 Wish list can be enabled or disabled.
Note: Options enable you to customize the features in your store. See Madisons starter store functions for a list of the features enabled by default in the Madisons starter store.

Links and buttons

Note: The recommended debugging tool for the Madisons starter store is Mozilla Firefox with the Firebug add-on. See Debugging Dojo in the Madisons starter store for more information.