ProductListPriceUpdate command

The ProductListPriceUpdate command is used to update product price information for the Update_WCS_ProductPrice XML message. The command is used to update information in the WebSphere Commerce database regarding the listed price of a product.

Parameter values

The part number of the catalog entry as defined in the PARTNUMBER column of CATENTRY table.
The reference number that identifies the owner of the catalog entry.
The catalog entry offered for sale.
Required: The ISO 4217 currency type in which the price is expressed.
The product list price used to update the LISTPRICE table.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE Update_WCS_ProductPrice SYSTEM
<Update_WCS_ProductPrice version='2.0'>
<Verb value='Update'></Verb>
<Noun value='WCS_ProductPrice'></Noun>


  • The command updates a record in the LISTPRICE table.
  • The partNumber, together with memberId are used to get the catalog entry key (CATENTRY_ID in table CATENTRY).
  • If the catalog entry matches an existing one in the LISTPRICE table, but the currency type does not match a currency type for any record for that catalog entry, a new record is created in the LISTPRICE table. This allows you to specify prices in different currencies for the same catalog entry.

Exception Conditions

  • The currency parameter is empty.
  • The catalog entry cannot be found using the memberId, which owns the store along with the partNumber.