GetPickPackListDetail command

This command retrieves pick ticket and packing list information for the Inquire_WCS_PickPackListDetail XML message.

Parameter values

Required: The reference number of the pick batch as defined in the PICKBATCH_ID column of the PICKBATCH table.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE Inquire_WCS_PickPackListDetail SYSTEM
<Inquire_WCS_PickPackListDetail version="1.0">
<Verb value="Inquire"></Verb>
<Noun value="WCS_PickPackListDetail"></Noun>


  • Checks if the pickBatchId exists in the PICKBATCH table.
  • Checks that there is at least one record in the ORDRELEASE table for that pickBatchId.
  • Retrieves the pick ticket XML from the PICKBATCH table and the packing list XML for the given pickBatchId and forwards to the view task to compose the Report_WCS_PickPackListDetail message.
  • The Report_WCS_PickPackListDetail message containing pick ticket and packing list information is sent in response.

Exception conditions