Verifying the WebSphere Commerce migration

After you have migrated your database, application, and web server tiers using the Migration wizard, verify the migration status.


  1. Verify the migration logs. The logs are located in the following directory: WC_installdir/logs/WCIM
  2. Check the database migration log. The log is located in the following directory:
    • SolarisLinuxAIXWC_installdir/logs/WCIM/wcim.server.xx_timestamp.log
    • For IBM i OS operating systemWC_userdir/logs/WCIM/wcim.server.xx_timestamp.log
    • WindowsWC_installdir\logs\WCIM\wcim.server.xx_timestamp.log
    Previous version of WebSphere Commerce: 561 or 60
    The date and time of the migration. This variable is in the form:
  3. Start your migrated WebSphere Commerce Version 7.0 instance. The instance should be using the new database schema in your migrated database.
  4. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tools page:
    • https://host_name:8000/accelerator
    If the logon page is displayed you have a previously published a store.
  5. Open the WebSphere Commerce Administrative and Organizational tools pages:
    • https://host_name:8002/adminconsole
    • https://host_name:8004/orgadminconsole
  6. Optional: Open the Management Center:
    • https://host_name:8000/lobtools

What to do next