wcim_ant utility

If you are migrating the WebSphere Commerce database by using the command line, review this information to understand the parameters required for the wcim_ant command.

The following section describes the syntax to use for the database migration script. Some optional parameters might not be applicable to your migration path. Read the detailed parameter descriptions to see which ones apply.

Apache DerbyNote: Database tier migration is only available for the WebSphere Commerce development environment.

Image showing migration script. Parameters are described in the following list.
-instanceName instance_name

Specifies the 561 or 60 WebSphere Commerce instance name for the database that you are migrating.

WebSphere Commerce DeveloperThis parameter is optional for WebSphere Commerce Developer. If you do not use this parameter, the script uses "WCDE_default_instance", where:
Represents the installation path for WebSphere Commerce Developer, Version 7.0. The default installation paths are as follows:
  • WebSphere Commerce Enterprise drive:\WCToolkitEE70
  • WebSphere Commerce Professional drive:\WCToolkitPro70
  • WebSphere Commerce - Express drive:\WCToolkitExpress70
  • Apache Derby If you use the -instanceName parameter, it creates a subdirectory under the WCDE_installdir\logs\WCIM\instance_name directory.
Specifies the tier of your WebSphere Commerce topology that you are migrating. You can migrate the following tiers:
The database server.
The application server.
Note: When you run the config action on the application tier, your Web server is configured through the Web server plug-in.
Note: For WebSphere Commerce Developer, only database tier is supported. For WebSphere Commerce server installations, both application and database migrations are supported.
Specifies the action to perform when the command runs. The supported actions for the database tier are as follows:
Runs the database premigration checker to check the status of your database before you migrate it. Run the database premigration checker before you migrate the database.
Migrates the specified tier to WebSphere Commerce version 7.
The supported actions for the application tier are as follows:
Migrates the specified tier to WebSphere Commerce version 7.
Performs a backup of the specified tier.
Configures the specified tier. Use this parameter in combination with the application tier parameter.
-from version
Specifies the version of the WebSphere Commerce database from which you are migrating. If you are migrating from WebSphere Commerce 5.6.1, set 561. If you are migrating from WebSphere Commerce 6.0, set 60. Fix packs or feature packs must not be set in this field.
-logLevel (optional ) level
Specifies the amount of information about the database tier migration that is logged. The valid log levels are as follows:
Only error messages are logged.
All warning and error messages are logged.
All error, warning, and event messages are logged.
All errors, events, and other information is logged, including all SQL statement information. This option is recommended if you encounter errors and need to debug them. It requires in the order of 1 MB or 2 MB of storage for most migrations. This is the default.
Similar to the Verbose option, but includes some additional debug information. Recommended if you encounter errors and need to debug them. It requires in the order of 1 MB or 2 MB of storage for most migrations.
-default tablespace
Sets a default tablespace to be used for the DB2 db tier. Set yes to set a default tablespace, set 'no' to specify the tablespace to be used. If set to no, the non-default tablespace name is required later as an input value.