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Migrating IBM Sales Center

IBM Sales Center was built and deployed using WebSphere Everyplace Deployment for Windows and Linux. IBM Sales Center 7 is built and deployed on IBM Lotus Expeditor 6.2, and therefore requires that you migrate any custom IBM Sales Center applications.

The version change also corresponds to an underlying upgrade from Eclipse 3.0.2 to Eclipse 3.4.

This migration introduces some binary incompatibilities, which might affect any custom code you have applied to your IBM Sales Center.

  1. Upgrading the IBM Sales Center client is performed by simply Installing IBM Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce on the client machine. Migration is provided as an option during the installation, if an existing version of the IBM Sales Center client is detected.
  2. If you want to leverage IBM Sales Center support for any new features provided in version 7, you need to upgrade all your clients to version 7.