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Migrating the IBM Sales Center development environment

The customized plug-ins developed on Sales Center Version 6 is compatible with the new Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce Version 7. However, you might encounter some compatibility issues when running these plug-ins in Sales Center Version 7. To resolve most of these issues, you might need to upgrade your customized plug-ins using the Sales Center Version 7 development environment.

About this task

To ensure your customized plug-ins are properly migrated to Sales Center for WebSphere Commerce Version 7, complete the following steps:


Import your customized assets.
You can import your customized assets such as plug-ins, features, and update sites into the new development environment from any location on your local machine.
  1. Select File > Import utility > Existing projects into Workspace.

    The Rational Application Developer Version, or a higher Version 7.5 fix pack automatically launches a migration wizard if your project requires migration.


The customized plug-ins now launches properly inside the development environment.