Accessing First Steps

The First Steps script is a graphical user interface that provides links to items you can access after WebSphere Commerce is installed, such as running the Configuration Manager. It looks and functions just like the launchpad on the WebSphere Commerce DVD, but has different content related to post-installation tasks.


  1. Ensure that you are logged onto your system:
    • SolarisLinuxAIXAs the non-root user.
    • For IBM i OS operating systemLog into a Windows machine and insert WebSphere Commerce DVD into the drive.
    • WindowsAs a user with Administrative authority.
  2. SolarisLinuxAIXEnsure that you have exported your display and that you have access to your X server. Refer to your operating system documentation for more information.
  3. Complete the following steps:
    • SolarisLinuxAIXFrom a command line enter: WC_installdir/bin/
    • WindowsFrom a command prompt enter: WC_installdir\bin\firstSteps.bat
    • For IBM i OS operating system
      1. An initial language selection is displayed. Click Cancel.
      2. Go to the extra folder on the DVD drive and double-click FirstStepsiSeriesRemote.bat.
      3. Select the language and click OK.
      4. Enter the System Name, User Profile and Password for the machine where WebSphere Commerce is installed.
      5. Click Next.
    After a few moments the First Steps panel is displayed.