WebSphere Commerce Developer

Uninstalling an interim fix from WebSphere Commerce Developer silently

You can use a silent method to uninstall an interim fix on a WebSphere Commerce Developer environment.

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that you are logged in with a Windows user ID that is a member of the Administrator group.
  2. Stop the WebSphere Commerce Developer Test server.


  1. Navigate to the UPDI_installdir/responsefiles/ directory and open the uninstall.txt file in a text editor. If you installed a newer version of UPDI, navigate to the directory of the newest UPDI.
  2. Update the uninstall.txt file:
    • Update the -W backup.package entry with the name of the maintenance package that you want to uninstall.
      Note: If -W backup.package is not specified, the most recently installed fix is uninstalled.
    • Update the -W product.location with the location of the WebSphere Commerce installation.
    Note: Only one maintenance package can be uninstalled at a time. If you want to uninstall multiple packages, create multiple response files.
  3. Run the following command:
    • update.bat -silent -options UPDI_installdir/responsefiles/uninstall.txt
    Note: Only one maintenance package can be uninstalled at a time. If you created multiple response files, then run the updatedb command and specify the appropriate response file.
  4. Refer to the log files in WCDE_installdir/logs/update/ to verify that your uninstall was successful.