WebSphere Commerce Developer

Installing a WebSphere Commerce Developer interim fix interactively

You can install an interim fix using an interactive method which uses the UPDI graphical install wizard. After navigating through the install panels your interim fix will be installed.

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that you are logged in with a user ID that is a member of the Windows Administration group.
  2. Stop all instances of WebSphere Commerce Developer.
  3. Ensure that Rational Application Developer is not running.
Warning: If you need to install a newer version of Update Installer (UPDI), do not overwrite the original Update Installer that is in the WCDE_installdir/UpdateInstaller directory. Install the new version to a different directory and use the new UPDI version to install an interim fix. The original UPDI version is used by Installation Manager when you upgrade a fix pack in WebSphere Commerce Developer. If you overwrite the original UPDI version, Installation Manager will fail during a fix pack upgrade.


  1. Start the Update Installer wizard as an administrator:
    1. Open a command prompt by right-clicking the cmd.exe file and selecting Run as administrator.
    2. In the command prompt, navigate to the UPDI_installdir directory. If you installed a newer version of UPDI, navigate to the directory of the newest UPDI.
    3. Run the update.bat command.
  2. On the Welcome panel, review the information and click Next to continue.
  3. Specify the WebSphere Commerce Developer installation directory.
  4. Ensure the correct directory is listed for the WebSphere Commerce Developer product. Enter the correct directory and then click Next.
  5. Select Install maintenance package. Click Next.
  6. Select the appropriate .pak file from UPDI_installdir/maintenance/ directory and click Next.
    Ensure that you select interim fixes only and do not select fix pack packages.
    Note: You cannot install fix packs and interim fixes at the same time.
  7. On the summary page, review the information and then click Next to begin the installation.
  8. Ensure that the installer displays the message Success: The following maintenance package was installed. If you do not see this message then UPDI indicates which log files to check for errors. Click Finish.
  9. Refer to the log files in WCDE_installdir/logs/update/ to verify that your install was successful.
    Note: If you encounter errors such as "mkdirs failed for", "failed to delete", "text file busy", or "Error 79", in the updatelog.txt file, see swg21457152.


You successfully installed an update.
Note: WebSphere Commerce Developer fix packs and interim fixes might include updates to the workspace_dir folder, the WCDE_installdir/components folder and the workspace_dir/Stores folder. If you restore the development environment to a previous state, the updates to those folders will still exist.

What to do next

Important: Review the readme file that is included with the interim fix package. The readme file might contain additional steps that are required for the specific interim fix.