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Enabling interim fix JR52717

JR52717 fixes an issue where the shopper registration fails if the LDAP server is enabled with UserAccountValue 512 and 544. APAR JR45992 changes the password policy validation logic, which, however, does not comply with the password policy of the LDAP server.

Before you begin

Install the interim fix for JR52717.

About this task

To comply the password policy of the LDAP server:

Note: This solution can solve the problem caused by enabling UserAccountControl as 512 and 544 on the LDAP server. However, for LDAP servers such as TDS, you may also enable the security restriction (pwdMinAge) that limits the interval of operating password attribute. This APAR operates password attribute twice in a very short time by two transactions. Thus if you also enable pwdMinAge, reduce the interval.


  1. Go to the workspace_dir\WC\xml\config directory.
  2. Add the following in the wc-server.xml file:
    MemberSubSystem AuthenticationMode="LDAP" ProfileDataStorage="LDAP">
                <SyncPassword syncPasswordInSyncBeanEnabled="true"/>