Feature Pack 2

Troubleshooting: Some entries migrated automatically

Some entries (attributes or elements) might be migrated automatically when you migrate the Management Center from WebSphere Commerce Version 7 or from WebSphere Commerce Version 7 feature pack 1 to a higher feature pack version.


You may see some entries (attributes or elements) are in migrated status after feature enablement, which calls the migrating method.

For example, this can occur in the following scenario:
  • In WebSphere Commerce Version 7, you customize an OpenLaszlo file by adding a particular element under a particular parent. When you migrate from WebSphere Commerce Version 7 to a higher feature pack version, the same OpenLaszlo file (or the def file which is converted from the corresponding OpenLaszlo file) is included in the feature pack and it already contains the exact changes you made in your customization. When you enable the features, the migrating method is called, which marks the status of the customization as Migrated instead of Not migrated.


Your customization is the same as the code changes in that are included in the higher level feature pack. You can leave the Migrated entries as they are, and instead work on migrating the Not migrated entries.