Feature Pack 7

Cumulative interim fixes for Feature Pack 7

The following cumulative interim fixes are available for WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7.

Each individual iFix and cumulative iFix package contains a different readme file. Each readme file might include specific installation instructions. For example:
  • Some iFixes might require manual modifications to source code after you install the fix
  • For runtime environments, some iFixes might be applicable to the base WebSphere Commerce product only and not the instance.
You do not need database access to install an iFix because these fixes do not make any database changes during installation. However, some iFixes might require that you manually update the database to enable the fix after installation. Review the readme file to ensure that you install and enable the interim fix successfully.
Every subsequent cumulative package contains all fixes from the previous cumulative package. Therefore, you need to install only the latest cumulative interim fix to obtain all the interim fixes that are listed. The latest cumulative interim fix for Feature Pack 7 is JR52306.fep.

Feature Pack 7 Cumulative Interim Fix 2

Category APAR Description
Cumulative JR52306.fep This Cumulative Interim Fix 2 includes all the fixes that were released for Feature Pack 7 up to February 27, 2015. This Cumulative Interim Fix 2 also includes all the interim fix from Cumulative Interim Fix 1. The following table contains a list of fixes created after the release of Cumulative Interim Fix 1.
Note: Any additional Feature Pack 7 interim fixes that are created after February 27, 2015 require this fix as a prerequisite. For a list of additional interim fixes, see List of additional feature pack APAR fixes
The following table displays the list of interim fixes that were created after the release of Cumulative Interim Fix 1 and are included in this Cumulative Interim Fix 2 (JR52306.fep).
Category APAR Problem Description
Authoring and Staging JR50690 Stagingprop fails because the maximum number of recursive SQL levels are reached for the FOLDER table trigger.
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR50628 TradingAgreementAccessBean.findEntitledTradingAgreementByTypeForBuyerUnderStore is not cached.
JR50695 Saving a price rule in Management Center fails when price rule contains a "Catalog Condition" element.
JR50913 Change History is not correctly recorded when you assign catalog entry attributes.
JR52366 The 'Category facet' disappears after business users clear the ‘Display to customers’ check-box and restart the server.
JR50964 Undoing shared attribute relationship in a workspace fails.
JR51105 DuplicateKeyException is thrown when a local attribute value is created for an Extended Sites store.
JR51127 When Merchandising Association Widget includes a non-published product, the entire widget fails to display.
JR51140 Cannot use Management Center to update FIELD1 - 3 of the FACET table
JR51142 Enhancement: Performance improvements that are related to contract entitled price calculation.
JR51212 Excluded or included categories from catalog filter are not being respected during catalog navigation on the storefront.
JR51306 On a B2B store model, Management Center store preview encounters an error when checkEntitlement is enabled.
JR51412 Cannot preview a future contract and cannot assign catalog filters to specific member groups.
JR51414 CatalogFilter condition does not work for SKUs.
JR51430 Issues in Search result page with contract price mode.
JR51460 Management Center automatically set the "Display to customers" flag to true when the description for a language does not exist in the database.
JR52092 CatalogGroupMediator deletes categories that have child categories.
JR52213 The state of ScheduledContractDeploy is always running after creation.
JR52217 "Not equals" option in inventory rule does not work.
JR52221 di-calculateprice utility uses 45 hours for 450 million price calculations.
JR52316 Descriptive attributes do not display in product details page.
Data Load JR52216 RSAR errors are detected: AbstractPageLayoutMediator.java
JR50963 Promotion extract (unload) support, provided in APAR JR48801 omits the PX_ELEMENT.SEQUENCE column data.
JR51857 SEOURLLoader does not use database caching and does not commit as required.
JR50973 Fail to load Commerce Composer layouts with the Data Load utility for a custom device class.
JR51265 Data Load utility fails to generate an alternative URL keyword for a category when the utility encounters a duplicate category name.
JR51607 Enhancement: Added support for a new parameter to specify a custom password file to store encrypted password for the SeoUrlKeywordGen utility.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR51392 disableSecurityPort.jy failure during feature enablement.
APAR JR51397 Ensures that Search-Rest is imported as a Java project in WebSphere Commerce Developer
Marketing and Promotions JR51772 Reusing public promotion codes might lead to unexpected promotions being applied.
JR52305 After you enable Feature Pack 7, shoppers are unable to remove promotion codes from an order.
JR52555 Release timeout configuration parameter for unique promotion codes was mistakenly changed to 0 in APAR JR52511.
JR52197 During high load on production environment, orders that qualify for a promotion with a promotion code encounter errors and prevents shoppers from submitting their orders successfully.
JR51705 Opening an e-Marketing Spot in Management Center causes errors to be displayed in properties page.
JR49049 SendMarketingTriggers causes transaction timeouts with the DMRANKINGSTAT table.
JR50489 "Search Criteria and Result" target in web activity fails with '&' character in manufacturer name.
JR50747 e-Marketing Spot recommendations do not appear on the storefront for newly created e-Marketing Spots.
JR51650 Enhancement: Support invalidating e-Marketing Spot REST cache entries.
JR51660 Customized code that calls AssignedPromotionCodeHandler.getCalculationUsageIds() causes an endless loop.
JR52511 Generic promotion code look-up flag for PX_CDUSAGE table are exposed.
Messaging and Integration (including Sterling integration) JR50524 Price calculation fails on a predefined configuration when the price mode is 0 (Oracle database).
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR51273 Billing address is displayed as shipping address in the order confirmation email.
JR51374 Enhancement: Adds the capability to calculate charges for an order through REST API.
JR51455 For ATP inventory, ComposeInventoryAvailabilityCmd API returns inventory availability when called from scheduler.
JR51320 Adds the calculateOrder method to the CartHandler REST resource handler, which invokes the OrderCalculateCmd to perform the re-calculation of order, based on the specified calculation usages.
JR52215 Exception error occurs when you uninstall a fix pack from an instance.
Programming Framework JR51478 Enhance REST command mapping framework to support calculationUsageId being a JSON array in the REST cart calculate method.
JR52499 Resolves security issue related to XML External Entity (XXE) Processing.
Runtime JR50609 With tracing is enabled, certain sensitive information might be printed in trace.log file.
JR50713 The REST requests from store JSP files expect the response in 30 seconds. The time might be too short for some scenarios.
JR51401 Email wishlist functionality does not work after applying security APAR JR49996
JR50925 Changes to the search data cache in com.ibm.commerce.foundation-ext/wc-component.xml are not recognized.
JR51053 Decryption errors after you upgrade to IBM Java 1.6 SR16.
JR51135 Wish list emails are not sent to shoppers after you applied security APAR JR49996.
JR51204 REST services that use prior ActivityToken in a clustered environment produces unwanted behavior.
JR52033 Enhancement: Provide option to disable caches for REST requests.
JR52444 SocketTimeoutException error occurs in stores with entitlement.
Search JR52219 Previewing a workspace does not display the most recent changes.
JR52223 The embedded server on wc-search.xml for WebSphere Commerce Search Server is erroneously removed during a Reset action.
JR51753 Provides support to load data directly into Search server through IndexLoad.
JR52542 When you multi-select a facet, the facet count is incorrect.
JR52628 Cannot independently publish or unpublish products or categories for a specific language.
JR52211 Data Import preprocess fails to populate the TI_COMPONENTS table when the preconfigurations for the Dynamic kit are not added.
JR50745 Resolves errors with replication timing and logic during an inventory index.
JR52222 Provides sample cachespec.xml for the WebSphere Commerce Search server.
JR52218 Success status message is reported when di-parallel-process job is partially failed.
JR51323 includes JR50699 Fixes an issue where categories that do not have a description in the default language are not indexed. This issue occurs after you install APAR JR50553.
JR50755 Ability to specify a custom password file and store encrypted passwords for the di-buildindex and di-preprocess utilities.
JR52263 di-buildindex utility prints inaccurate exit codes.
JR52214 NullPointerException in SEOServiceHelper.myGetTitleAndMetaDescription
JR50682 Enhances auto-suggest to allow users to use Sales catalog specific auto-suggest.
JR50129 Introduces sharding to the di-preprocess and di-buildindex utilities, to allow for multiple parallel processes. This APAR enhances performance of the utilities.
JR51271 Creates a custom implementation of codec field reader to optimize the logic in Solr when initializing an index with many dynamic columns.
JR50610 Enhancement: Supports facets for discounted prices.
JR50730 Spell check suggestions return original search term.
JR50764 Cannot perform query time-boosting against dynamic index columns from extension index.
JR50841 NullPointException in findProductById REST service when search profile does not define the excluded facet name.
JR50884 Enhancement: Improves logging messages that are reported when indexprop fails.
JR50885 Enhancement: Add new functionality to support facets for discounted prices.
JR50933 Changes that are made in Management Center do not display in the storefront. UpdateSearchIndex scheduled job completes successfully, but an entry with ACTION='F' remains in the TI_DELTA_CATGROUP table.
JR50961 Sorting against a search index dynamic field in the extension index causes a NullPointerException.
JR50962 di-preprocess utility hangs on an Oracle database when the utility populates the TI_GROUPPATH_0 table.
JR50972 Default REST sort profiles do not work after you add new REST profiles to a custom search profile.
JR51011 Array index out of bounds exception occurs when a search is performed on the storefront.
JR51025 Solr exception occurs when you attempt to use Management Center Store preview for a B2B store model on a future date.
JR51137 Prevent duplicate catalog entry IDs from being passed into merchandising association search.
JR51180 Enhancement: Add functionality to disassociate price facets from other categories.
JR51221 Encounter a NullPointerException when you click a product bundle that contains published and unpublished products.
JR51239 Search rule matches for terms with + or % characters do not work.
JR51259 Category-level SKUs do not display in result grouping.
JR51339 Workspace-enabled authoring environment does not reflect catalog changes during store preview.
JR51435 di-preprocess utility with '-skipDeltaNoEntry true' exits with a success exit code even if no preprocess is run.
JR51437 Enhancement: Improves performance of Management Center store preview.
JR51601 Indexprop utility never completes when master indexversion and replicable indexversion are different.
JR51606 Enhancement: Added support for a new parameter to specify a custom password file to store encrypted password for the Indexprop utility.
JR51663 Enhancement: Supports the enablement of search result groupings.
JR51723 Unable to search with double-byte characters.
JR51735 SMSESSION cookie construction damages WebSphere Commerce cookies in the callback request that is sent from search to WebSphere Commerce.
JR51741 Enhancement: Generates one descriptive attribute with multiple values in the REST response, instead of one attribute per value.
JR51747 Excluded categories in a contract appear in the category navigation on the storefront.
JR51750 Search rule does not run when search terms are capitalized.
JR51751 RSAR errors are detected in SolrRESTSearchBasedMe chandisingExpressionProvider.java
JR51789 Management Center does not display the Attribute Dictionary attributes.
JR51818 Error occurs on the first in-context preview request in Management Center.
JR51821 Search server throws an exception when checkEntitlement is enabled.
JR51884 Indexprop utility runs into endless loop when repeater/slave has newer index version than the master server's index/replicable version.
JR51900 In Management Center, association type of Merchandising Associations is not correctly returned when you add the same product twice with different types.
JR51946 Marketing statistics are not collected for an experiment in a search rule.
JR52074 Enhancement: Added support for a new parameter to specify a custom password file to store encrypted password for Search utilities. For example, setupSearchIndex, migrateSearchFacet, and migrateSolrSearch.
JR52114 Enhancement: Enables support for the "onbehalf" function.
JR52118 Enhancement: Added support for a new parameter to specify a custom password file to store encrypted password for Search utilities.
JR52184 Category with 0 products still displays in store header menu.
JR52194 Quotation marks in advanced search with 'all the words' filter provides incorrect results.
JR52207 Sales category updates not triggering entries into TI_DELTA_CATGROUP table, after you install JR50553.
JR50997 Enhancement: Supports faceting on B2B contract prices through customization.
JR51942 di-parallel-process utility fails if di-preprocess utility was never run.
JR52034 Cannot build index with Oracle 12c database.
JR52363 NullPointerException occurs when searching with Inventory core and facet range parameter was added to the Solr query.
JR52460 Top navigation drop-down menu does not display categories after a subcategory is marked as Unpublished.
JR52462 Enhancement: Custom fields from the ATTRVALDESC table are displayed in the FacetView element of the search REST response.
JR52487 MultiplexSqlEntityProcessor command appends "null" to dynamic inventory fields.
JR52510 Statistics are not collected for an experiment in a search rule.
Stores and Mobile JR52342 The "Password notify" email for Aurora starter stores contain strange variables.
JR52341 "price pending" is displayed in the Choose free gift list when priceMode=0 is used.
JR52643 Widgets cannot be added to the layout in Commerce Composer tool on DB2
JR52541 JSReference error with Components widget
IT05131 Text within HTML tags disappears when you attempt to "Save" in Page Composer
JR50642 NoClassDefFoundError exception is thrown intermittently caused by NullPointerException in SEOURLMapperImpl class.
JR50767 Using the Aurora starter store with non-indexed price mode, the wish list displays Price Pending instead of the actual price.
JR50775 In an Extended Sites scenario, removing an assigned page from a layout, causes a server error in Management Center.
JR50926 Wrong search term SEO URLs are sent to search engines because SitemapGenerate job combines search terms into a single SEO URL in the sitemap XML files.
JR50929 Switching languages by using the Language/Currency widget uses the non-SEO URL for the refreshed page.
JR51134 Incorrect custom URLs are generated in the sitemap XML file when the HostName parameter is specified.
JR51184 Prevent SEO Sitemap Generator from combining search terms into a single URL.
JR51293 Page Composer layouts might not display updated data upon reload.
JR51344 Mobile browser issues on iOS8. Swipe and Search button functions are affected.
JR51403 Cannot successfully read or write to/from a category's SEO properties custom field in Management Center.
JR51737 WidgetImportTag breaks if the URL in the property value is not encoded.
JR51803 Marketing content custom click actions ignore additional parameters when URL is converted to SEO.
JR51844 Commerce Composer layout save error when widgets are set to inactive state.
JR51957 SEO URL Keyword generation does not support full string replacement.
JR52208 When you 'undo' a new widget, general table data is not removed.
JR52212 "Target price list" is ignored in Management Center.

Feature Pack 7 cumulative interim fix

Category APAR Description
Cumulative JR50553.fep This cumulative interim fix includes a set of fixes for Feature Pack 7. See the following table for the full list of fixes that are included in this cumulative interim fix.
The following table displays the list of interim fixes that are included in this cumulative interim fix JR50553.fep.
Category APAR Problem Description
Catalog, Assets, Contracts, and Pricing JR49826 Improves the coordinator price rule implementation to avoid unnecessary queries to the database.
JR50159 Updates the web services xml file to use the storeId from the CommandContext when the storeId is not specified in the SEOProperties or SEOURL noun part business object document (BOD).
JR50376 Fixes an issue where an entry is not created in the CATENTDSCOVR table when you override field 1 ,2, or 3 while not updating default fields such as name or description.
Data Load JR49627 Enhances webFeedLoad script to ensure correct handling of return codes when you encounter any exceptions.
JR50043 Introduces changes to the way Data Load, Catalog Upload, and Management Center handle attribute dictionary assigned attribute values to allow for sharing of attribute data.
JR48801 Supports exporting and importing promotions from 1 machine to another machine.
JR49882 Enhances Data load utility to support special characters in the logonID field.
JR50307 Fixes an issue where the web feed utility with URL attachments causes Management Center to not display the marketing content path correctly.
Installation, Configuration, Deployment, and Migration JR49799 Fixes an issue where Work Managers are not created during feature enablement in a federated environment with multiple nodes.
JR49993 The Search-Rest Java project imports properly into WebSphere Commerce Developer so that users can customize WebSphere Commerce Search.
JR49818 Automatically provides the node name when you enable foundation in a federated environment.
JR50337 Allows the foundation feature to be disabled.
JR49885 Fixes Web server host name and URL for search if not on a stand-alone environment.
JR49860 Fixes a createSearchBinding.jy failure during feature enablement.
JR50520 Updated IBM Knowledge Center to expose more JavaDocs for REST handlers.
JR50445 Fixes an issue where enabling features fail on IBM i platforms.
Marketing and Promotions JR49116 Can add to shopping cart and apply a coupon promotion.
JR49477 Prevents a promotion code from being used multiple times by an anonymous shopper when the promotion is set for one time use.
JR50549 Updates Page Composer widgets to allow users to override the extended site title from the asset store.
JR50507 Adds new capability to enable the main promotion list view to be limited to only promotions that are not in folders.
JR50471 Provides configurations to support the Data Load of promotion folders and the relationship between promotions and folders.
IV56678 Fixes an issue where web activities cannot be activated for a Campaign in the Web Activity properties view.
JR49746 Enhances Search Criteria and Result target in web activities to support the plus (+) character.
JR49896 Fixes an error where validations of unique promotion codes fail due to TypeCastException exceptions with Oracle databases.
JR50266 Fixes an issue where the web feed utility with URL attachments causes Management Center to not display the marketing content path correctly.
Member and Session Management JR50311 Enhances Data Load utility to support special characters in the organization name.
JR50350 Changed behavior so that users can continue to shop as guest users after their session expires and does not redirect the user from the current page.
Messaging and Integration (including Sterling integration) JR49489 The SterlingClientHelper.invokeSSFSApi(String apiName, Document input) method is enhanced to use the client properties set with SterlingClientHelper.setIClientProp(HashMap)
JR50323 All dynamic kits are validated when a shopper views the cart.
JR49911 Validation on predefined dynamic kits when added to the cart.
JR46725 Prevents excessive SterlingOMSUpdateSystemStateCmd jobs from being scheduled when OMS is down.
JR50239 Users are able to leverage Visual Modeler and Sterling Configurator integration with multiple locales.
JR50210 Fixes an issue where Order Shipped and Order cancelled notification email content contain error messages.
JR49252 Improves performance when you browse and search models in Management Center that are integrated with Sterling Configurator.
JR49318 Fixes an issue where Sterling Configurator throws an error when a preconfigured kit contains special characters.
JR49334 Fixes an issue where all products are displayed when you launch Configurator from Management Center, irrespective of contract entitlement.
JR49362 Allows duplicate SKUs in Dynamic Kit configurations.
JR49390 Fixes an issue where Dynamic Kit pricing is not displayed after a customer logs out.
JR49534 Fixes an issue where a login prompt is not provided when a user with an expired session attempts to access the Configurator page from Management Center.
JR49532 Methods are added so that users can customize Sterling Configurator.
JR49406 Fixes an issue where Sterling Visual Modeler displayed product details from the catalog asset store instead of the hosted store.
JR49610 The Firing Phase attribute is passed from WebSphere Commerce so that users can leverage the Firing Phase capabilities with the WebSphere Commerce and Sterling Configurator integration.
JR49608 Users can now extend the following method: protected MonetaryAmountType findPrice(String partNumber, List entitledPrices)
Orders, Payments, and Inventory JR50516 Updated Management Center so that Site Administrators can delete items from the Management Center.
JR49996 Removes a potential vulnerability that is related to Gift Center web services.
Programming Framework JR50327 Addresses a SocketTimeoutException message during WebSphere Commerce Store Preview with NIST SP 800-131A enabled.
JR50054 Optimizes serialization logic to enhance the JSON serialization performance when a JSON response is generated by a REST request.
JR49995 Improves WebSphere Commerce search performance by updating the components that handle GZIP HTTP communications between the WebSphere Commerce server and the WebSphere Commerce search server. This fix also updates WebSphere Commerce to read the WebSphere Commerce search server responses with the ByteArrayOutputStream variable.
JR49968 Enhances performance by properly caching results from REST tags to eliminate unnecessary duplicate service calls in the same request.
JR49630 Fixes an issue where no products are returned in search results when you enable search rules with inventory conditions.
JR49709 Resolves a REST command/databean framework concurrency issue. The AbstractClassicResourceHandler now generates a new generic user activity token for each request that does not come with the REST tokens or session cookies.
JR50066 Updated the Management Center error page so that error messages are generic and do not expose internal system information.
Search JR50526 RSAR errors detected in PriceFacetNamePattern.java
JR50537 IndexOutOfBoundsException occurs in the AuroraB2B store.
JR50366 Allows deep category unpublish on child categories.
JR50714 Fixes an issue where guest shoppers cannot move items that are in the shopping cart to a wish list.
JR50704 Fixes an issue where a NullPointerException is encountered when selecting multi-selection facets.
JR50478 Allows the CatalogEntry index and the Inventory index to be of different size.
JR50656 Fixes an issue where Category Facet counts are incorrect.
JR50566 Allows for searching SKUs and returning products in the search results.
JR50557 Corrects the DisplayPublishedOnly flag in Feature Pack 6 compatibility path when catalogId is not passed.
JR50554 DisplayPublishedOnly flag is now handled properly when used with the ProductDisplay page in the Madisons starter store.
JR50536 Fixes an issue where MigrateSolrSearch utility fails when if SCHACTIVE table is empty
JR50533 Allows subcore to have different index size from the base core.
JR50521 Allows dynamic index field to be mapped to a UserData field for REST service requests.
JR50398 Corrects faceting sort when attribute values contain trailing white spaces.
JR50465 Allows language configuration in di-pre-process utility for handling the published option for categories.
JR50396 Updates runtime cache invalidation code to handle scenarios when catalog entry IDs exceed 1000 maximum parameter limitation on Oracle databases.
APAR JR50163 Adds enablement for BloomReach search connector.
JR49957 Feature enhancement allows business users to perform a deep category unpublish action on child products through Management Center.
JR49951 Fixes an issue where a null pointer exception is encountered when relevancy score is used in the Sort field.
JR49930 Corrects the Compare products page to display product price in calculated price mode.
JR49870 Updates search term associations using replacement behavior to not treat terms as synonyms.
JR49866 Resolves an issue with search advanced deployment due to a wrong node name in createWCBinding.jy.
JR49865 Enhances inventory fields to be compatible with spellcheck.collate
JR49835 Enhances search server to support multiple eligible contracts.
JR49784 Sets Locale as an optional parameter available on the search server if a langId is not specified. Search server attempts to retrieve a locale and match the locale to a langId.
JR49759 Resolves a search server memory leak.
JR49310 Updates loop detection logic to allow for products to exist under more than one category.
JR49419 Improves build index to support delta inventory index builds.
JR49326 invalidateSearchCache script can now accept encrypted passwords.
JR49379 Enhances the Search Result & Criteria target to use the search type that is specified by the client instead of using a default search type that excludes the category level SKUs from the search result.
JR49618 Fixes an issue where preprocessing the build index does not generate the correct list for parentCatgroup_id_search.
JR49587 Fixes an issue where shoppers might see empty categories on the storefront. The FastFlowForEntitlement configurable parameter was created to allow users to decide whether they want to leverage the new entitlement flow.
JR49634 Fixes an error where the SELECT_FACET_VALUE_IMAGE_AND_SEQUENCE query fails when a sales catalogId is used.
JR49736 Fixes an issue on Feature Pack 7 where migrateSolrSearch fails on Oracle databases.
JR49793 includes JR50366 Enhances Management Center to support unpublishing of the selected category and all its subcategories.
JR49887 Fixes an issue where some SKUs are skipped during Inventory indexing, resulting in those SKUs not being indexed.
JR49929 Provides fine-grained caching for facets.
JR49944 Supports exact match synonym cases where one synonym value is a subset of another larger synonym.
JR49888 Improves performance of delta indexing by removing deep category cache invalidation upon updating any catalog entry.
JR49912 Fixes an issue where running preprocess with multi-threaded 'shards' fails due to a violated unique key constraint.
JR49953 Ensures that multiple cores can query for inventory facets correctly.
JR49997 Updates HierarchyHelper.java to use the current storeId default language.
JR50052 Enhances database query performance when facets are displayed.
JR50180 Addresses an issue where a NullPointerException is thrown when category pages are viewed and custom price facets are used.
JR50253 Fixes an issue where e-Marketing Spots fail to load when running secure Search REST requests (using https).
JR50231 Fixes an issue where facet values are not displayed in the expected sort order.
JR50286 Fixes a Management Center issue where unstructured indexing slows down Management Center performance.
JR50296 Changes delta preprocessing behavior to not execute when delta indexing is not required.
JR50278 Updates the index reader runtime to return custom fields from Inventory index by using the fl parameter.
JR50362 Fixes an error that might occur when you have multiple active contracts.
JR50343 Fixes an issue where incorrect facet counts are displayed when search rules are used.
JR50403 Fixes an issue where expected products are not returned from a search after a build-index and replication.
JR50432 Fixes an issue where the time information of a Date object that contains both date and time information, is lost.
JR50390 Corrects the constant that is used by the publishedonly expression provider for the filtering of unpublished products.
JR50371 Fixes an issue where SearchConfigurationRegistry is not reloaded properly after the Refresh Registry job is executed.
JR50482 Fixes catalog filter precedence. When a contract has both Management Center catalog filter and Accelerator catalog filter, the Management Center catalog filter takes precedence.
Stores and Mobile JR49980 Improves the Aurora starter store Checkout page performance by implementing a new REST search profile.
JR50518 Fixes the error message that displays when an account is used in the store simultaneously in two different locations.
JR50545 Provides SEO URL construction and deconstruction log enhancements.
JR49975 Defines new search profiles to be used solely for the CatalogEntryList widget that returns information that is needed for this widget only.
JR49979 Adds a env_includeJSPFExtension configuration variable to the EnvironmentSetup.jspf file for your store. The env_includeJSPFExtension variable controls whether all store pages use the JSPFExtToInclude.jspf file to dynamically retrieve extension logic, such as custom JSP fragments. The new configuration variable is disabled by default to improve store performance.
JR49978 Eliminates redundant service calls for the Wish List page when shoppers are browsing a store as a guest shopper.
JR49973 Adds logic that uses the optimized search profiles to display order-related pages.
JR49970 Optimizes search profiles to fetch breadcrumb trail and facet information.
JR49969 Eliminates duplicate service calls for fetching CatalogGroup(category) and OnlineStore details.
JR49325 Improves Management Center logic to avoid ORA-01795 Oracle database issues when Management Center attempts to load more than 1000 stores.
JR49515 Fixes an issue where double-byte characters are not encoded correctly when you create wish list from product display page in Microsoft Internet Explorer.
JR50334 Fixes an issue where different page layouts are used for products within the same subcategory.
JR50442 Fixes an issue where the Store Preview function in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator does not display content.