WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

RFQCreateForNextRound URL

Creates a next round RFQ.

URL structure

http:// host_name/path/
The fully qualified name of your WebSphere Commerce Server and the configuration path.

Parameter values

Required: The ID of RFQ to be copied.
Required: The name of the new RFQ.
Required: Whether the attachment information is copied over from the original RFQ: 1=Yes 0=No

Example 1

The following example creates a next round RFQ from the RFQ with the ID 10015, with all corresponding attachments information.

RFQ 1"&copyAttachment=1&URL=/

Example 2

The following example creates a next round RFQ from the RFQ with the ID 10016, without any corresponding attachments information.

RFQ 2"&copyAttachment=0&URL=/


  • Checks if the supplied RFQ ID really exists in the database.
  • Calls the com.ibm.commerce.utf.commands.CopyRFQCmd task command to copy the RFQ.
  • Update the next round information in the original RFQ and previous round information in the new RFQ.

Exception conditions

  • The parameter origRfqId must be an integer.
  • The parameter newRfqName must be provided.
  • The parameter copyAttachment must be wither 0 or 1.