Configuring the business object configuration file

The business object configuration file defines how to load the data into the database. In this file, you specify the implementation classes for your Data Reader, Business Object Builder, and Business Object Mediator components. You also specify the attributes and properties for these components.

About this task

A sample business object configuration file is provided in the following directory:
  • WC_installdir/samples/DataLoad/Catalog
  • WCDE_installdir/samples/DataLoad/Catalog


  1. Create a copy of this sample wc-loader-catalog.xml file and rename the file.
  2. Open the new business object configuration file for editing.
  3. Specify your data reader implementation class.
    1. Find the <_config:DataReader> element.
    2. Set the className attribute value.
      The value of this attribute specifies the class name for the data reader. You can specify the provided class,
      • Feature Pack 6 or
      However, if you customize the data reader, you can specify your implementation class. For more information about configuring the data reader, see:
      For example, the following snippet configures the data reader:
        className="" >
          firstLineIsHeader="true" useHeaderAsColumnName="true" >
  4. Specify your business object builder class.
    1. Find the <_config:BusinessObjectBuilder> element.
    2. Set the className attribute value.
      The value of this attribute specifies the class name for the business object builder. The two implementation classes that are provided are:
      • for component-based business objects
      • for table-based objects
      For more information about configuring these business object builders, see
  5. Optional: Configure the Data Load utility to exclude any columns that you do not want the utility to load data into or change.
    To exclude columns, you can define a column exclusion list within the <_config:DataLoader> element. For more information, see Configuring a column exclusion list.
  6. Save and close the file.
    As an example, the following snippet configures the business object configuration file for loading attribute dictionary attribute allowed value data:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    	xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../../../
      <_config:DataLoader className="" >
        <_config:DataReader className=""
          firstLineIsHeader="true" useHeaderAsColumnName="true" >
        <_config:property name="keyColumns" value="Identifier,ValueIdentifier" />
          dataObjectType="AttributeDictionaryAttributeType" >
          <_config:mapping xpath="AttributeIdentifier/ExternalIdentifier/Identifier" 
            value="Identifier" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AttributeIdentifier/UniqueID" value="AttributeUniqueId" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/identifier" value="ValueIdentifier" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/displaySequence" value="Sequence" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/Value" value="Value" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/ValueUsage" value="1" 
            valueFrom="Fixed" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/AttributeValueField1" 
            value="AttributeValueField1" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/AttributeValueField2" 
            value="AttributeValueField2" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/AttributeValueField3" 
            value="AttributeValueField3" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/Image1" value="Image1" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/Image2" value="Image2" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/Field1" value="Field1" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/Field2" value="Field2" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/ExtendedValue/Field3" value="Field3" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/language" value="Language" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="AllowedValue/language" value="LanguageId" />
          <_config:mapping xpath="" value="Delete" deleteValue="1" />
            componentId="" >
            <_config:property name="allowChangeAttributeType" value="true" />
            <_config:property name="validateAttribute" value="true" />