Samples: Data Extract utility

The samples that are provided for the Data Extract utility demonstrate the best practice methods for extracting data from the WebSphere Commerce database. Use these samples and the related sample configuration files as templates for configuring and running the utility when you need to extract your own data.

Each sample includes the XML configuration files that you need to run the utility. You can run these samples as-is, or you can copy and edit the configuration files to configure the Data Extract utility to extract your own data. The samples appear in the following directory when you install WebSphere Commerce:
  • SolarisLinuxAIXWC_installdir/components/foundation/samples/DataExtract
  • WindowsWC_installdir\components\foundation\samples\DataExtract
  • WebSphere Commerce DeveloperWCDE_installdir\components\foundation\samples\DataExtract
The DataExtract directory contains the following subdirectories, which include samples for the corresponding object types:
  • Catalog
  • Config
  • Feature Pack 8Promotion
  • Feature Pack 8Commerce Composer
    Note: You must apply the interim fixes for APAR JR53438.fep and APAR JR53438.fp.
  • Feature Pack 8Marketing
    Note: You must apply the interim fixes for APAR JR53438.fep and APAR JR53438.fp.
Note: The sample files that are within the Catalog and Config directories are for use when you integrate with IBM Product Recommendations, formerly known as Coremetrics Intelligent Offer. These files are used to configure the utility to create Enterprise Product Report (EPR) data for dynamic recommendations. This data is required by IBM Product Recommendations.

Prerequisites for running the samples

Before you run any of the Data Extract utility samples, ensure that your WebSphere Commerce store and instance meets the following requirements:

Data Extract utility samples