Feature Pack 8

Promotion folder input file

To create promotion folders or a promotion folder hierarchy for a store, load data from a CSV or XML input file into the WebSphere Commerce database. By loading the information to create promotion folders, you can provide business users with more folders in the Promotions tool to help organize promotions in the tool.

After you create promotion folders, you can use the Data Load utility to load another input file to create relationships between the folders and promotions to sort promotions into the folders. Business users can then browse through the folders to locate the promotions instead of browsing through the list of all promotions in the Promotions tool. For more information, see Loading promotion folders and promotions into promotion folders.

Important: When you create your input file for loading promotion folders, you can name the columns or elements in your file anything that you want. These names, however, must match the value for the corresponding mapping in the business object configuration file for the object that you are loading. Include a value in your input file for each column or element that is mapped in the business object configuration file. When you do not set a value in your input file, the Data Load utility sets the value in the appropriate database column to be NULL. You do not need to include a value in the input file when a default value is mapped. Configure a default value when you are setting the same value for each object in your input file.


Include values for the following definitions in your input file:
(Integer) The unique ID of the folder. Do not include a value for the ID when you are creating a folder. The load operation creates the ID value automatically for the folder in your database. Include either the FOLDER_ID or the IDENTIFIER in your input file when you are updating a folder hierarchy or deleting folders.


(Integer) The ID of the store that owns the promotion folder. Include a value for this ID when the store ID is not set in the environment configuration file.


(Integer) Optional. The ID of the member that owns the promotion folder. Set the value to NULL, unless the folder is member-specific.


(Integer) Optional. The unique ID of the parent folder. Include this ID when you are creating, changing, or deleting a promotion folder hierarchy. Set the value to NULL when the folder is a top-level folder.

To create parent and child folders in the same load operation, configure your business object configuration file to use the parent folder IDENTIFIER values to resolve the PARENTFOLDER_ID values. List the parent folders first in your input file so the Data Load utility creates the parent folders before the child folders. The utility can then use the IDENTIFIER to retrieve the PARENTFOLDER_ID value.


(String) The reference name that identifies the promotion folder. Include either the IDENTIFIER or the FOLDER_ID in your input file. The folder identifier must be unique in your promotion folder hierarchy.


(String) Optional. The administrative description of the folder. This description displays in Management Center and is not language sensitive.


(String) The type of folder. This field identifies which tool uses the folder. Set the value to be IBM_PromotionFolder for each folder in your input file. Alternatively, set the value in the business object configuration file to set a default value for all the folders.


(String) Optional. A flag that indicates whether to delete the object. Specify the value 1 in the DELETE column to delete the database row for the specified folder object.

Does not map to a database table column.