Processing business events

Database records for business events in the BUSEVENT database table are processed by scheduled jobs.

WebSphere Commerce Version or later1The scheduler jobs that are used for the ECEvent framework process ECEvents more efficiently. These scheduler jobs can update and delete rows in the BUSEVENT database table by using multiple transactions. By using multiple transactions, these commands can update and delete millions of records over time without encountering transaction timeouts or database locks. Previously, the default configuration for the Business Event framework causes the rows in the BUSEVENT table to grow unbounded. Eventually, the site encountered high memory utilization or database locking problems when the framework commands attempted to operate on many rows.

1 The improved functionality is included in the interim fix for APAR JR42537. This interim fix allows for the processing of more than 5000 rows at a time. If the Analytics Event Configuration component is disabled, or the stores are disabled, up to 500, 000 business events in the process state (-10) are deleted from the BUSEVENT table. These events are deleted in batches of 5000 events.