Configuring security for the Dynamic Cache Monitor

About this task

If you are using the WebSphere Application Server Dynamic Cache Monitor to monitor and if the application that you are monitoring has security roles defined in its deployment descriptor you need to do the following:

To navigate to the "Step: Map security roles to users/groups" panel in the WebSphere Application Server Administration Console, click Applications > Install New Application and complete the steps (non-security related) required.

For more information, see the Deploying secured applications and Assigning users and groups to roles topics.


In the "Step: Map security roles to users/groups" panel:
  1. Specify the users and groups that are mapped to each of the security roles.
  2. Select the check box beside Role as required to select all of the roles or to select individual roles. For each role, you can specify if predefined users such as Everyone or All Authenticated users are mapped to the role. To select specific users or groups from the user registry:
    1. Select a role and click Lookup users or Lookup groups.
    2. On the Lookup users or Lookup groups panel that displays, enter the search criteria to extract a list of users or groups from the user registry.
    3. Select individual users or groups from the results displayed.
    4. Click OK to map the selected users or groups to the role selected on the "Step: Map security roles to users/groups panel".
    Currently, there is one role defined which provides access to all of the cache monitor functionality. This means that this page can be used to specify which users can have access to the Dynamic Cache Monitor.