Introduced in Feature Pack 3

Tuning the search engine optimization (SEO) cache

By managing the memory allocated to the WCSEO caches, you can improve SEO performance.

About this task

The WCSEOURLKeyword2URLTokenDistributedMapCache, WCSEOURLToken2URLKeywordDistributedMapCache, WCSEORedirectRulesDistributedMapCache, and WCSEOURLDistributedMapCache instances are used to cache the SEO data. By default, this cache supports a number of data entries. To change the size of these caches:


  1. Open the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Click Resources.
  3. Click Cache instances.
  4. Click Object cache instances.
  5. Click the desired cache instance and in the page that is displayed, change the value for the Cache size.