Troubleshooting: Previewing catalog attachments


When you click a catalog attachment on the Show Attachments page, the catalog attachment does not display in a Web browser. In addition, the following error is logged to the SysyemOut.log file:
[2/21/06 16:00:33:902 CST] 00000053 ServletWrappe E SRVE0068E: Could not invoke the service() method on servlet PreviewServlet. 
Exception thrown : java.lang.NullPointerException


The catalog attachment file has a MIME type or file extension not registered with WebSphere Application Server.

Update the WebSphere Application Server configuration to enable the previewing of the file on the Show Attachments page:

  1. Open the WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.
  2. Select Environment > Virtual Hosts.
  3. Click VT_instance_name_Preview.
  4. Click MIME Types.
  5. Click New.
  6. Type the new MIME type and its extensions and click OK. Repeat this step until have added MIME types for all new file extensions.
  7. Save your changes to the master configuration.
  8. Regenerate the Web server plug-in configuration:
    1. Select Servers > Web servers, then select your WebSphere Commerce Web server.
    2. Click Generate Plug-in, then click Propagate Plug-in.
  9. Restart your WebSphere Commerce Web server.
  10. Stop and restart WebSphere Commerce.