WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Troubleshooting: Asset store catalog entry with descriptive attributes cannot be copied in different languages

An error occurs when you are attempting to edit and save descriptive attribute information for a catalog entry in different languages. This error occurs for catalog entries with descriptive attributes that you copied from your catalog asset store.


You copied a product that has descriptive attributes from your extended sites catalog asset store. The descriptive attributes for this product have values that are defined in your default language. When you switch to a different language and add a descriptive attribute value for a different language, an error occurs when you save. When you click save, you can see one of the following errors:
  • ERROR: The attribute or its allowed value cannot be updated or deleted because it does not exist in the database.
  • ERROR: The attribute value ID 0 specified is invalid, because the attribute value does not exist. Specify another attribute value. 
Note: This problem occurs only if the catalog entry you copy has at least two descriptive attributes. If your copied catalog entry has only one descriptive attribute and value, no error occurs when you edit and save a descriptive attribute value in a different language.


This error can occur if your catalog asset store does not support the language that you are adding a descriptive attribute value within. If you are copying an asset store catalog entry that does not support your selected store language, an error occurs when your attempt to edit and save this catalog entry in your selected language. To prevent this error, ensure that your catalog asset store supports your selected store language before your copy and edit catalog entries in your selected language.