Troubleshooting: Logging

This page contains common problems you may encounter while working with WebSphere Commerce logging.


You are see the following message logged on the console when EJBs are accessed by your WebSphere Commerce application:
CNTR0098I: Container-managed pre-find persistent store synchronization 
disabled for bean: "WC#Order-OrderCaptureData.jar#OrderItem". 
CNTR0117I: Container-managed ejbStore() call will be bypassed on bean: 
"WC#Payments-EDP-Data.jar#EDPOrder" if it has not been modified in the 
current transaction. 


These informational messages are not errors; they are warnings that your EJBs were written on an older version of the EJB standard (something before the EJB 2.0 version). These messages can be safely ignored.