WebSphere Commerce Version

Missing information in log files after you install fix pack 8

After you install WebSphere Commerce Version 7 Fix Pack 8, you notice that log files are missing some log and trace information.


Fix Pack 8 includes changes to logging configurations. You can now configure independent log levels for classes as well as packages. Due to this change, you might need to update some of your loggers.


Review your logging configurations and make the necessary changes:
  • For the WebSphere Application Server, now that you can configure independent log levels for classes, add an asterisk (*) at the end of any "end of line" package loggers if the logger does not contain one. For example, consider the following logger:
    Add an asterisk to the end of the package to recognize any child loggers.
  • For all loggers that were configured under an internal package, add the word "internal" to the package name. For example, before Fix Pack 8 the logger helper class removes the word internal from the name of the package. Consider the following internal class:
    The logger helper class might create the logger name:
    For consistency between the name of the package and the name of the logger, Fix Pack 8 updates the logger helper class so that the helper does not remove the word internal. To continue retrieving logs from the internal package, update the logger name with the word "internal":
For more information about how to change log settings, see Configuring logging.