Custom request attributes for servlet caching

You can create custom request attributes for servlet caching by adding them to the <map> tag.

The DynaCacheFilterMappings component tag in the wc-server.xml instance configuration file has a property that defines several <map> tags. Each <map> tag defines how a request attribute can be added to the HttpServletRequest object. Each <map> tag can specify the following attributes:
  • className - The fully qualified Java class name of the class that provides a static method that can be called to determine the attribute value.
  • dynacacheAttributeName - The name of the attribute to be added to the HttpServletRequest object.
  • methodName - The name of a static method of the class that is specified by the className attribute. The static method returns a java.lang.String and accepts the following parameters:
    • javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest - The request object
    • - The command context for this request
    • java.lang.String - The name of the attribute (the value of the dynacacheAttributeName <map> configuration attribute).
When the returned String value is not null and is not empty, it is added to the HttpServletRequest by using the setAttribute method.
You can call the MyClass.getMyAttributeValue method on each request to generate an attribute value for a request attribute that is named "MyAttribute", which is then added to the request object. To call this method on each request, specify the following <map> tag:

   display="false" dynacacheAttributeName="MyAttribute"
   methodName="getMyAttributeValue" name="getMyAttributeValue"/>