The Device List

View a list of BigFix managed devices, create customized device reports, and review the detailed information about each device to effectively and proactively monitor the health and activity of endpoints.

Image of the Device list.
  • Operator permission settings, device, and site assignments govern list contents.
  • See a list of devices eligible for software in your catalog using the Relevant Devices with applicable software filter.
  • BigFix Lock – A machine with a BigFix lock on it does not run BigFix actions until it is unlocked.
  • See a list of devices used by a specific person with the Most Recent User filter. If a device has one user account, the device holder is listed. If a device has multiple user accounts the last person to log on is listed.
If Inline Reporting feature is enabled, you can visualize summary report of the real-time data and export the data to .csv or .xlsx files. For more information, see The Device List in BigFix 10 Help Center.
Note: Inline Reporting feature is not extensively tested in WebUI running on versions earlier than BigFix 10 Platform.